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Toby's Foundation at ASCA 2005 Nationals!

Toby's Foundation was invited to the ASCA Nationals held in Conyers, Georgia from October 22-29, 2005 by the Greater Atlanta Australian Shepherd Club. A booth was generously donated by GAASC.

Funds were raised through Aussie gift items and a beautiful wall hanging quilt handmade by Sheri Nelson and generously donated to Toby's Foundation.

Thank you to everyone who made donations.

Toby's Foundation booth

Toby's Foundation booth

Some content from our website was also available at the show.  Pamphlets of our How to Join the Fight Against Canine Epilepsy within your Breed and Diagnosis of Canine Epilepsy : Plain and Simple were available as well as the Aussie Album and a diary of another Aussie, Murphy.
Research Update

We attended a seminar by Liz Hansen during nationals that gave an epilepsy research update. The good news'there are over 700 Aussies sampled as of October 2005! The bad news'there are a lot of 'holes' in families.

92 of the samples are from affected dogs. Toby is one of the 92 affected dogs, but because of confidentiality, we don't know the identity of the others. 

What's Next?
We are asking the owners of the 92 affected dogs to join us in making sure that all of the dogs (both affected and unaffected siblings, parents, grandparents, and offspring) related to your dog submit a blood sample to the University of Missouri. It is very important that we have complete family information from all affected dogs and their relatives.
Please do everything you can to get the samples submitted from all of your dog's relatives.

Click Here to view more research updates.

Liz Hansen, UMO Research Cooordinator and Pam Douglas, Toby's Foundation President at Nationals

Ann DeChant, ASCA Board Member and Founder of the EpiGenes discussion group and Pam Douglas

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