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We want to especially thank C.A. Sharp, President of the Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute (ASHGI) and the Board of Directors for their very generous donation to Toby’s Foundation to support our sponsorship of the MAF grant for Dr. Karen Munana and for their help in the fight against canine epilepsy.

Recent Donors: The Reel Family Foundation in Honor of Bob and Terri Reel,  Sean and Pamela Tupy, Tonya Berger in Memory of Murphy,  John Otey in the name of Mrs. Nancy Smith, West Coast Australian Shepherd Association, Charis Williams, Hilary Hines, Walt and Mary Smith in Memory of Jimi on his 5th birthday,  Amy Vanderryn, Lisa Stirnemann, Jo Ann Frey, Chris Vuxton, Margaret R. MacDonald, Ronald Wyse in Memory of Buddy, Darcy Long, Irene Brennan, Tom and Sherry Altman in Memory of Moon Valleys Black Beans and Rice, Sabine Maurer, and Mark Farr.



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We have just updated our Letters to Toby with a letter from Carina in Norway about the life she shared with her dog Tinka who had epilepsy. Tinka has passed away and Carina’s perspective and thoughts will be helpful to many. Carina wrote to us earlier in 2011. Both letters along with photos can be seen in our "Letters to Toby" section on our website. Please click here to read these letters. We also have a link to a moving video tribute from Carina for Tinka. You’ll smile, maybe cry, and it will touch your heart!


If you have a story that you would like to share with us about your dog with epilepsy please send it to us at tobysfoundation@tobysfoundation.org.


PURPLE DAY is March 26th